The Radio Ranch House

JUST FOR FUN!  Doc answered the call to fulltime ministry in 2012, just months after he & his beautiful wife Dixie were married!  His first pulpit was serving as the “Trail Boss” of the Cowboy Church of Santa Fe County (which later became the Sangre de Cristo Fellowship) - where he proudly carried the title of “harmonica player, piano player, & Trail Boss (Senior Pastor)” - although not necessarily in that order!  Dixie served (& still serves) as their Worship Leader, & from the very beginning Dixie & Doc have been a ministry team.  Dixie has a beautiful voice & a genuine love for her Lord…& just for fun we thought you might enjoy getting to know the two of them  just a little better…

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Dixie & Doc hosted a radio show called the “Radio Ranch House” on KVSF 101 FM radio “The Voice of Santa Fe” that aired weekly…right up until the time Doc had to put his “nose to the grindstone” to get his dissertation finished!  We’ve included just a few of the original radio shows below - they each run around 22 minutes in length & feature great music, guests, & the almost infamous “Ask Doc” segment - where Doc tries to tackle some pretty tough “meaning of life” questions in 7 minutes or less!  Enjoy!

P.S.  We want to send out a very special THANK YOU to Jim & Deb Benenson for graciously sponsoring the "Radio Ranch House!"


==> Where the Trails Come Together…Ridin’ Through Romans <==

In this episode, Dixie catches ya up on all the goin's on at the Cowboy Church of Santa Fe & plays one of the most amazing songs you'll probably ever listen to...called "Goin' Away Party"!  Talk about gettin' blessed!  And Doc answers a question about why the Book of Romans is his favorite book of the Bible and what makes the 13 letters of the Apostle Paul so VERY special!  Tune in & ride the trail to Glory with us!


==> Findin’ Jesus in the Old Testament <==

On this mornin's Radio Ranch House, Doc share's a great 8-second ride about "What Makes a Believer Fall from Grace"?  The answer might shock ya!  Dixie plays one of her favorite artists & introduces the Cowboy Church of Santa Fe.  Then in today's "Ask Doc" segment, Doc goes back to the Book of Numbers to show how the whole Bible is all about the Son of God!  Don't miss this one!


==> Is Christianity the ONLY way to God? <==

"STILL WATERS" is BACK for a LIVE PERFORMANCE in the studio with Dixie & Doc!   This just keeps gettin' better & better buckaroos!  And Dixie nails Doc with yet another tough question from a listener wondering how Christians can be so narrow-minded & arrogant as to believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to God.  If you've ever wondered about that question, ya won't wanna miss this episode!


==> What Exactly Is the Rapture? <==

Dixie really nails Doc with a listener's question about the Rapture!  Bible prophecy in 7 minutes?  No problem!  Also, enjoy a great bluegrass Gospel song and find out the latest on Dr. Marc Simmons lecture series on New Mexico history and the new Gospel of John bible study kickin' off at the church!   Saddle Up!


==> What Was Jesus Writin' on the Ground? <==

Have ya ever wondered just what Jesus was writin' on the ground in the story of the Woman Caught in Adultery?  Doc answers that question!  Also, Dixie lights it up with a great bluegrass gospel tune and Pastor Jim comes back for a second visit to share his personal testimony!


==> Proof of God <==

Today Dixie plays some great music & catches ya up again on the big doin's in September at the Cowboy Church...and Doc answers a question about how the church seems to have failed to provide "empirical evidence” or "proof" of God's existence.  Don't miss this one buckaroos!


==> Can You Lose Your Salvation? <==

Doc tackles questions about losing salvation and confession of sins,
& Dixie talks about Dr. Marc Simmons upcoming Lecture Series on New Mexico history!


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