Welcome to GRACE Mountain Chapel - in Angel Fire & Santa Fe, New Mexico!

GRACE Mountain Chapel Ministries is a completely independent, Christ-focused, Reformed, Non-denominational, 
non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry - dedicated to teaching & preaching the rightly-divided Word of God!

Our vision is simple…but powerful:
 “To unveil the person of Jesus Christ - & to shine the light of the Gospel of GRACE!”

As we open the doors of GRACE Mountain Chapel in Angel Fire & Santa Fe, please know that we’re not a traditional modern church - but a fellowship…a family of believers…modeled after the early church!  In a time when the church is more “fractured” than ever before…we are following the Spirit’s leading to bring the “body of Christ” back together!  GRACE Mountain Chapel Ministries in Angel Fire has been planted through the love & support of our sister fellowship in Santa Fe who will participate with us in worship and Bible studies via the miracle of technology!   The Greek word for “fellowship” is “KOINONIA” - and a true Biblical fellowship is not a place or a building - but rather a “gathering of Saints”, a “family of believers” committed to sharing the true Gospel message with a fallen world - & committed to lifting up, loving, protecting, & caring for each other as we travel home!

Here you'll find a family of heaven-blessed New Mexicans that love our western heritage & mountain lifestyle - and share a deep love for the Lord Jesus Christ!   We’re also an open door for anyone seeking to know the Lord and step into His will for their lives.  And we’re not about ritual or religion…we’re about relationships.  We believe the worship experience should be casual and relaxed!  Doc, our Senior Pastor - whose first pulpit was serving as the “Trail Boss” of a Cowboy Church - preaches in a hat, jeans, and boots (well, except on Hawaiian shirt Sunday!), & you’re free to wear whatever you’re comfortable in!  And what do we believe?  Just click on the “GMC’s Statement of Faith” tab on the menu bar above & you’ll know! 

We also aren’t here to be judgmental or condemning.  We believe the body of Christ should be a “city of refuge" for those who are called…& never a “country club” for the self-righteous.  Wherever you find yourself, if you’re sincere about growing in the knowledge of & in relationship with the Lord, you’re MOST welcome here!  At the GRACE Mountain Chapel, we share the “rightly-divided” Word of God, and we stay true to His Word…because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, & forever!  We have the Gospel (the word "gospel" actually means "good news") to share with the world, and a life-changing gift from God in the Holy Scriptures.  And when our Lord said “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” - He meant it!  The truth is simple, and we present it that way.  No complex doctrine, theology, legalism, or denominational rules.  Here we allow the Bible to interpret the Bible.  Here we shine the light of the true Gospel of Grace - & point each other to the perfect, complete, & finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross!

Dixie & Doc welcome YOU to the family!   Come experience the “Gospel of GRACE” - high in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains & in the heart of the “City Different!"  Come & join us on this amazing “trail ride” to glory! 

In HIS Service…

Dixie & Doc


© 2020 GRACE Mountain Chapel Ministries - A Reformed Family of Believers